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St. Louis’ Choice for Service and Safety, Since 1960

Clean windows are important. Maintaining a spotless image in the public eye is even more important—especially if you’re a commercial or institutional facility with a reputation to protect.

At Hercules Window Cleaning, it’s our commitment to the complete package that sets us apart from the competition. Since 1960, we’ve been St. Louis’ choice for service and safety—not just a finished job—and as a result, we are the only St. Louis-based window cleaner to be certified by the International Window Cleaners Association.

Our host of services includes our standard window cleaning service, building and exterior cleaning, pressure washing, and window restoration. We provide these services to over 450 St. Louis facilities, including pharmaceutical companies, government facilities, corporate headquarters, office buildings, healthcare facilities, hotels, banks, and brokerages—all of which hire Hercules as their St. Louis window cleaner because they know we can be trusted to get the job done safely, securely and professionally.

We utilize uniformed window cleaners with an average of 12 years experience per staff member, and achieve secure facility clearance through the use of background checking and drug screening.

At Hercules, we provide an unlimited performance guarantee. It’s rare that a customer is unsatisfied with a service we provide, but if that happens, we commit to a re-perform the service within 48 hours. That’s our promise to you.



Why choose us?

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  • We’re the only St. Louis-based window cleaning company certified by the International Window Cleaners Association
  • Safety training in compliance with
    ANSI-14 safety protocol, approved by
    the IWCA and OSHA
  • We’re approved for highly secure
    facilities, such as the FBI and
    Fortune 100 Companies
  • We maintain insurance coverage
    that exceed industry standards
  • We provide an unlimited
    performance guarantee


100% Satisfaction Guarantee. Get a Free Estimate Now!


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St. Louis Window Cleaning Solutions

High Rise Window Cleaning St. Louis

High Rises

High-rise window cleaning requires special training and equipment, and an enormous emphasis on safety. Hercules is certified by the IWCA, in compliance with IWCA and OSHA-approved ANSI-14 safety protocol, and up for the task.

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Commercial Window Cleaning

Commercial Offices

When your windows are dirty, everyone knows it. Learn how Hercules Window Cleaning can help you shape a positive image in the eyes of your staff, clients, potential employees, business partners and more.

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Hotel Window cleaning St. Louis


Dirty windows, at the very least, obscure lovely downtown views, local scenery, or sunlight. At the very worst, they give guests a very bad impression of your hotel. Learn how Hercules can help you keep your guests happy!

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Window Cleaning St. Louis Government Buildings

Government Buildings

When it comes to secure federal, state, and city facilities, Hercules Window Cleaning is the smart choice. Learn about our commitment to safety and security, from top level management to each and every staff member.

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450 St. Louis Buildings Cleaned & Counting... Hercules Video
[custom_frame_left shadow="on"]Window Cleaning St. Louis Customer - Maryville University
[/custom_frame_left]"Thanks for fitting us in on short notice. Your folks did a great job, (very courteous and professional) noticeable difference from what we have experienced from your competition. Thanks again for a great experience!"

Tom Benning
Director, Maryville University Physical Plant

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[custom_frame_left shadow="on"]Window Cleaning St. Louis Customer - Rafco Properties
[/custom_frame_left]“At Rafco Properties we service premium properties and high demand clients. That’s the reason we team with Hercules Window Cleaning. We can always depend on Hercules for high quality work, attention to detail, and prompt service”

Lena Vitale Gunn
Senior Property Manager, Rafco Properties

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Hercules Window Cleaning Video

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St. Louis Window Cleaner Services

[accordion_toggle title="Window Cleaning"]As the leading St. Louis window cleaner of commercial facilities, we specialize in window cleaning corporate offices, fortune 100 companies, government buildings, storefronts, healthcare facilities, educational facilities and more. Commercial window cleaning in St. Louis represents 99% of our business, and for that reason, we remain focused on the needs of commercial window cleaning clients, including professional cleaning practices, an expertly trained workforce, and a strong emphasis on safety and security.

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[accordion_toggle title="Pressure Washing"]
Pressure washing, also called power washing, is the process of using a high-pressure mechanical prayer to “wash” buildings, vehicles, concrete surface and more to remove old paint, mold, dust, grime and mud. Pressure washing helps to increase the curb appeal of rental properties, commercial offices and more, and it’s critical to maintaining your building’s appearance in the long term.

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[accordion_toggle title="Building Exterior Cleaning"]
Without regular building cleaning, a building’s exterior can become dirty and plagued by a number of naturally occurring issues. From power washing to window cleaning and restoration, Hercules Window Cleaning has the know-how to properly clean your building, and we do so with expert precision, professionalism and safe work practices. We have extensive experience serving buildings of all sizes including multi-family units, commercial offices, corporate buildings, apartment complexes, condominiums, educational institutions, healthcare facilities, retailers, banks, and government buildings, and we invite you to discover why St. Louis trusts Hercules Window Cleaning with all of their building exterior cleaning needs.

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[accordion_toggle title="Window Restoration"]
Without proper, periodic window cleaning, windows can become dirty beyond repair and require professional window restoration.

Lime deposits, for example, can develop as the result of sprinkler over-spray. When sprinklers repeatedly spray a building’s windows, and the windows go un-cleaned or unattended, the water can create mineral deposits that leach onto the glass. Once this happens, the bright white surface deposits can be removed, but the dull grey spotting that takes roots underneath the glass’s surface is permanent. The permanent spotting can only be removed by restoring the window and replacing the glass itself.

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