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light bulb changing st. louis

Light bulbs are an oft-overlooked piece of the building maintenance puzzle, but in a commercial setting, changing light bulbs is not a simple, everyday task.

That’s why Hercules Window Cleaning, St. Louis’ trusted commercial window cleaning company, offers light bulb changing as part of our host of commercial building services. Whether your light bulbs are up high, down low, or just so numerous that it’s unrealistic for anyone on your team to change all of them, Hercules Window Cleaning can get the job done safely and efficiently.

Our 50+ years as a window cleaning company has prepared us to perform nearly any task in nearly any type of building. Each of our workers averages 12 years industry experience, and our total staff experience exceeds 225 years. We have more than 150 clients in the St. Louis area, and the total number of buildings we’ve served is more than 400.

At Hercules Window Cleaning, safety and service are our priorities, and even when we aren’t scaling 40-story buildings, we believe in the importance of protecting our clients’ reputation by working to ensure all jobs are incident-free. So, whether it’s light bulb changing, window cleaning in St. Louis, high dusting, bird barrier installation, or window restoration that you need—contact Hercules Window Cleaning at (314) 965-1150. We’ll get the job done right while helping you maintain your spotless public image.

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