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Hercules Window Cleaning is the right choice for St. Louis businesses, building owners and property managers.
  • We’re the only St. Louis-based window cleaning company
    certified by the International Window Cleaners Association
  • Safety training in compliance with ANSI-14 safety protocol,
    approved by the IWCA and OSHA
  • We’re approved for highly secure facilities,
    such as the FBI and Fortune 100 Companies
  • We maintain insurance coverage
    that exceed industry standards
  • We provide an unlimited performance guarantee
If you’re a St. Louis commercial office or organization with a reputation to protect, it’s critical that you hire a St. Louis window cleaning company that specializes in commercial window cleaning—not only to clean your windows, but to guard your public image, as well.At Hercules Window Cleaning, we specialize in window cleaning in St. Louis for commercial facilities including corporate offices, fortune 100 companies, government buildings, storefronts, healthcare facilities, educational facilities and more. Commercial window cleaning represents 99% of our business, and for that reason, we remain focused on the needs of our St. Louis commercial clients, including professional window cleaning practices, an expertly trained workforce, and a strong emphasis on safety and security.

Planning Makes Perfect

Before beginning any St. Louis window cleaning job, we prepare a Plan of Service that’s specific to the building we’re about to clean. We determine where the window cleaners will operate from, what type of equipment is necessary to get the job done safely and efficiently, and what precautions need to be made to prevent interference with employees or residents, pedestrians and vehicles.

Commercial Window Cleaning St. Louis Businesses Trust

Our experienced staff of window cleaners in St. Louis averages 12 years industry experience per staff member, and total staff experience exceeds 225 years. At our St. Louis MO office, we hold monthly window cleaning training meetings for the entire staff to ensure that the equipment and methods we use are up to date, and that any related topics that need to be covered are brought to attention. We use uniformed window cleaners and perform background checks and drug screenings to ensure secure facility clearance.

Incident-Free, Safe, Secure Service

Hercules Window Cleaning has not had a single incident that resulted in lost time in over a decade. We make window cleaning safety our priority because it only takes one event to tarnish the reputation of your building, your company—and ours—for a very long time. We won’t let such an incident happen to you.

At Hercules Window Cleaning, we understand that many of our customers are property managers tasked with the difficult job of coordinating a variety of services for numerous buildings, and we want to make your job easier. Trust Hercules with your commercial window cleaning needs, and we promise to not only meet, but exceed your expectations—guaranteed.

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