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Without proper, periodic window cleaning, windows can become dirty beyond repair and require professional window restoration.

Lime deposits, for example, can develop as the result of sprinkler over-spray. When sprinklers repeatedly spray a building’s windows, and the windows go un-cleaned or unattended, the water can create mineral deposits that leach onto the glass. Once this happens, the bright white surface deposits can be removed, but the dull grey spotting that takes roots underneath the glass’s surface is permanent. The permanent spotting can only be removed by restoring the window and replacing the glass itself.

In situations like the one described above, Hercules Window Cleaning can provide the window restoration services you need.  Proper window restoration in St. Louis, whether it involves window repair; glass replacement; paint restoration; glazing; weather stripping; wood repairs; pulley, cord; or sash weight repairs; requires expert precision, and Hercules’ staff, which averages 12 years industry experience per staff member, is prepared for the task at hand. We’re your St. Louis window restoration experts—and we look forward to not only meeting, but exceeding your expectations.

Contact Hercules Window Cleaning today at (314) 965-1150, or fill out our online form to receive a free estimate. For more information about our company, we invite you to continue browsing our website.

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