St. Louis Apartment Complex Window Cleaning & Window Repair

Apartment complexes are always bustling—with new tenants coming in, old tenants moving out, construction projects, active families, and sometimes, pets running around. That’s why window cleaning and pressure washing are critical for keeping apartment complexes looking good, and hiring a professional pressure washer is key.

At Hercules Window Cleaning, we specialize in windows—and in pressure washing—to increase curb appeal and help to prevent future repairs. Oftentimes, building owners will hire inexperienced power washing contractors, or may even take it upon themselves to rent a power washer and perform the task, only to discover the consequences of using too much pressure or the wrong chemicals. Hercules Window Cleaning can keep you in the clear, and can keep your apartment complex—or any of your buildings—looking sparkling.

Contact Hercules, the only St. Louis pressure washing and window cleaning company approved by the IWCA, OSHA and BOMA, to clean your building’s exterior, sidewalks, driveways, parking lots, decks, siding, sheds, garages and more. Our careful employees will determine the correct method for tackling all your dirtiest jobs, and they’ll do so with incomparable professionalism, minimal disruption to your tenants, and superior safety.

It takes just one incident to ruin a company’s reputation, and that’s why we make the safety and security of your tenants, as well as our workers, a top priority.

At Hercules Window Cleaning, we have over 225 years total staff experience, and each staff member averages 12 years window and building cleaning experience. Our St. Louis pressure washing and window cleaning clientele includes more than 400 apartment complexes, condominiums, healthcare facilities, commercial offices, corporate headquarters, government buildings, public event facilities, banks, educational buildings and more.

Contact Hercules today by calling (314) 965-1150 to schedule a tour of your building. Or, receive a free estimate from the convenience of your home or office by completing our online form. We look forward to working with you.

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