Commercial Window Cleaning in St. Louis

When your windows are dirty, everyone knows it. Their appearance, and that of the rest of your building, either positively or negatively affects your reputation in the eyes of your staff, clients, potential employees, business partners and more. For that reason, it’s imperative to hire a commercial window cleaning company, and it helps to hire one that is just as concerned about your image as you are.

At Hercules Window Cleaning, we’re dedicated to commercial and institutional facilities. We currently serve more than 450 buildings in the St. Louis area, and those clients include commercial offices, corporate headquarters, educational facilities, healthcare facilities, retail outlets, banks, multi-family housing units, industrial facilities, government buildings and more. Our St. Louis commercial window cleaning customers know that they can trust Hercules to get the job done safely, securely and professionally, and our continuous operation is a testimony to our service quality.

Commercial Window Cleaning—A Critical Service for St. Louis’ Commercial Offices

Our St. Louis commercial window cleaning reputation begins with our experienced and certified commercial window cleaners. At Hercules, our commercial window cleaners average 12 years industry experience, and total staff experience exceeds 225 years. At our office, we hold monthly commercial window cleaning training meetings for our entire staff, reviewing the methods and equipment we use, and any related topics that need to be covered. On the job, we utilize uniformed window cleaners, and achieve secure facility clearance through the use of background checking and drug screening.

Because your building’s worth is priceless, Hercules not only meets but exceeds industry standards for insurance coverage. Our superior coverage guarantees the safety of your facility, should an unlikely mishap occur, and our Ultimate Performance Guarantee ensures that we will perform and re-perform a job until you are completely satisfied.

When it comes to commercial window cleaning, St. Louis trusts Hercules Window Cleaning because we are true professionals. We are the only commercial window cleaning company in St. Louis MO to be certified by the International Window Cleaning Association (IWCA) and we are also certified and continuously trained on the ANSI-14 safety code approved by the IWCA and OSHA. So, whether you’re a fortune 100 company or small business, Hercules is the only choice for a commercial facility with a positive image to maintain.

Contact Hercules Window Cleaning today at (314) 965-1150 to schedule a tour of your facility and receive an estimate. Or, continue browsing our website for additional information. We look forward to serving you soon.

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