Hospital Window Cleaning Services in St. Louis

A healthy, friendly hospital environment is a critical component to the care that physicians, nurses and other healthcare professionals provide. At Hercules Window Cleaning, we’re proud to contribute to patient wellness with window cleaning and power washing services that provide not only a safe treatment environment, but also a brighter outlook for patients.

At Hercules Window Cleaning, our owners and managers represent third and fourth generation window cleaning professionals, and they are always available either on site or by telephone to ensure that all jobs go smoothly. Our staff, which averages 12 years experience per staff member, is always uniformed and plainly marked with Hercules Window Cleaning identification, and each member of our staff has undergone the background checks, drug testing and health immunizations required to work inside a hospital or healthcare facility.

Whether you’re a physician’s office, a major hospital or an assisted living facility, Hercules Window Cleaning has a window cleaning or pressure washing service that will meet your needs. We have the equipment and skilled labor necessary to clean the windows of high rises, including Bosun’s chairs, swing stages, extension poles, water-fed poles, and ground lifts. We also have the proper hospital power washing equipment to clean your building’s exterior or your parking lot—no matter their size.

Pressure Washing & Building Cleaning

At a hospital or healthcare facility where cleanliness and a low-profile are top priorities, our professional window cleaners are up for the task. Hercules’ current client list consists of more than 400 facilities in the St. Louis area, including hospitals, educational institutions, retailers, banks, industrial buildings, government facilities and more. We recognize that each facility requires a unique standard of service, and we’re eager to show that high level of commitment to you.

Before entering your building, we’ll prepare a Plan of Service that’s specific to your facility. We’ll determine where the window cleaners will operate from, what type of equipment will be used and what precautions need to be made in order to prevent interference with staff, patients, pedestrians and vehicles.

Call us (314) 965-1150 to discuss your specific needs and to schedule a tour of your building. Or, obtain a free estimate by completing our online form. We look forward to serving you.

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