St. Louis Window Repair and Cleaning for Multi-Family Units

Active families with children and pets can take a toll on rental properties. Without realizing it, people and animals can scratch, dirty—even stain their glass windows, but Hercules Window Cleaning can restore that glass to its original look and feel at minimal cost to property owners.

Hercules Window Cleaning’s window repair services cost as little as one-third of the cost to replace a damaged window. Hercules utilizes the latest technology to repair scratches, acid etching, and mineral staining, and we’re prepared to handle all types of glass, whether it’s ordinary flat glass, or curved glass.

At Hercules Window Cleaning, we take it upon ourselves to protect your building’s reputation, and we do so by keeping our employees—and your tenants—safe. Whether we’re performing a simple window repair, or cleaning windows many stories high, we’re careful to prevent any and all problems including mild annoyances, like the presence of dirty water, or more serious incidents, like potentially fatal falling debris. We are the only St. Louis-based window cleaning company certified by the International Window Cleaning Association (IWCA) and the Building Owners and Managers Association (BOMA) International; we operate in compliance with IWCA and OSHA-approved ANSI-14 standards; and our insurance coverage not only meets, but exceeds industry standards.

We have extensive experience providing window cleaning and window repair services to property managers with buildings of all sizes including multi-family units, apartment complexes and condominiums, as well as commercial offices, corporate buildings, educational institutions, healthcare facilities, retailers, banks, and government buildings. Property and building managers in the St. Louis area trust Hercules Window Cleaning because we’ve maintained a spotless reputation for over 50 years, and we help our 150+ clients do the same.

Contact Hercules Window Cleaning today and we’ll help you clean and repair your dirty, stained or scratched windows to your complete satisfaction. In fact—we guarantee it.

Continue browsing our website for additional information, or call us at (314) 965-1150 to schedule a tour of your building. We look forward to working with you.

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